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Moorby Jones have released three albums and three singles to date. Click on any album below to find us on spotify! Here's what people have said about them: From people we don't know: "Moorby Jones breathes life into the modern day folk rock scene with a nostalgic flair" Nicole Mendes (The Other Side) "You have to check out the amazing band Moorby Jones; they have a powerful, uplifting sound, fantastic music production and all round incredible talent" EDM Rekords "Light is a Story is a timeless composition, with a scent of novelty and essence of a musical classic" Daniela Farah (Music For All) "Everything from the passionate baritones of Moorby senior to the evocative lyrics, to masterful guitar melodies, to soothing harmonies of Moorby junior, vocal placements and composition, are prefectly arranged and delivered seamlessly" Vishal Naidu (Sinusoidal Music) "The soundscape is luscious with a timesless energy and divine harmonies...we are enthralled..." Karlismyuncle "...Pink Floyd-esque instrumental, compelling lyrics, Light is a Story is ...very enthralling...the type of music that people of all generations will enjoy, no matter what their preferred genre is" Melissa Cusano (Rising Artists) "(Light is a Story has a)....great guitar line that reminds us of names like George Harrison (in his solo career), outstanding bass and lead vocals and backing very well connected, masterfully mixing the voice(s) masculine and feminine" Os Garotos de Liverpool And from people we do: "(Other plans is a) wonderful album..Great songs and lyrics.." Terry Hiscock (Hunter Musket) "I think you've just soundtracked my summer!" Peter Robinson (Reviewer) "..especially enjoyed the Steve Hillage vibe guitar playing.." Chris Wyatt (founder: Redbridge Music Lounge) "(Other Plans is) MJ's best album yet. Superb songs, great lyrics..What a great songwriting partnership Dick and Steve have. Gemma too. Great lyrics and great tunes.." Angus Colgan (Traveling Tilburies, Unhalfbricking) "Really love the new album - so many great songs! Great evocative music..your voices complement each other beautifully" Jason Rose (Darklights)

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