Event calendar

Forthcoming Events

Cranbrook Castle, Gants Hill 5th November 2021


Past gigs



Flying Squirrel, St Albans 10th September

Keepers Cottage, Offley 17th July

Valentines Park, Ilford 27th June


All live gigs cancelled owing to Covid restrictions

Online gig, Offley via Youtube 18th October


Cranbrook Castle, Gants Hill 6th December

Valentines Park, Ilford 13th October

Wanstead Festival, London 15th September

The Angel's Share, Hitchin 12th September

Daxtonbury Festival, Bedford 13th July

Haven House, Woodford 29th June

Highams Park Live, London 16th May 


Cranbrook Castle, Gants Hill 2nd November(Past Continuous album launch)

Valentines Park, Ilford 12th August

Valentines Park, Ilford 1st July

Highams Park Live, London 17th May


Highams Park Live, London 28th September

Wanstead Festival, London 17th September

Valentines Park, Ilford 10th September

RAFA Club, Gants Hill 14th July

Fairlop Fair, Essex 3rd July

Valentines Park, Ilford 27th June

Red Lion, Gt Offley 17th March



RAFA Club, Gants Hill 7th October

Balstock Festival, Herts 9th September

Fairlop Fair, Essex 2nd July

Valentines Park, Ilford 26th June

St Chris Fete, Letchworth 25th June

Highams Park Live, London 28th April

Valentines Park, Ilford 10th April



RGF Club, 7 Kings 23rd October

Highams Park Live, London 23rd July

Highams Park Festival, London 11th July

Fairlop Fair, Essex 4th July

Midsummer Music Fest, Barkingside 27th June

Loughton Folk Club, Essex 18th June

Valentimes Mansion, Ilford 9th May

RFA Club, Gants Hill 8th May

Valentines Park, Ilford 12th April



RGF Club, 7 Kings 14th November

Fabula Festival, Ilford 26th October

Valentines Park, Ilford 13th October